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Chicago Blackhawks

One Goal

Blackhawks Fans
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Chicago Blackhawks Hockey
Welcome Blackhawks fans! Now that the boys are doing well and being promoted, there are a lot more of us all over the US and Canada. I want this community to be a place were we can discuss all things Blackhawks and have some fun with our mutual love of hockey.

Right now I (your co-mod musicksempire) am trying to get the community to grow and be more active. I will be tweaking the bio regularly trying to get something cool going. Feel free to contact me with suggestions. Also feel free to pimp us out! The more the merrier!

I have the feeling this comm will be full of easy going people so we won't have to have super strict rules. Just use common sense when you're posting & commenting. Anything 'Hawks related is allowed, and of course so is general hockey discussion.